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Aircraft Mechanics

All aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair are covered by the ICS Canada program, which is approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport as being of value to prospective Aircraft Mechanics preparing for Department of Transport Technical Examinations.

Appliance Repair
Get training in the use of electrical appliance tools and testers, working with heating appliances, electric ranges, water heaters, and washing machines. How to repair motor-driven small appliances, clothes dryers, dishwashers, compactors, and disposals.
Automotive Mechanics
Begin with automotive basics and move on to a more advanced knowledge of electrical systems, transmissions, and engine overhaul. Start simple jobs in just a few weeks.
Automotive Transmissions Essentials Certificate
Your program includes clutches, transaxles, drive shafts, differentials, four-wheel-drive systems, drive train electrical systems and the ASE manual drive train and axles exam prep.
Diesel Mechanics
This program gives you the skills you need to get started fixing diesel engines. Learn everything from tuning an engine to a complete overhaul.
Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor
Develop your skills in understanding dog behavior, communication, and use of the senses. You'll also learn how to influence dog behavior using conditioning and reinforcement, plus housetraining, crate training, hunting training, and basic veterinary issues.
Electrician (Residential)
Learn the classifications and categories of electricity, conduit fittings, installation, and heating and lighting practices for home, business, and industry.
Your programs include introduction to electronics, conductors, insulators, batteries, magnetism and electromagnetism, fiber optics and more.
Firearms Repair
Learn how to accurize, repair, and customize. How to fit and finish stocks and mount telescopic sights. How to restore antique firearms. How to design and install metallic rifle sights, and more.
Jewelry Design and Repair NEW!
Your program includes common repairs done by jewelers, colored gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry design, and how to start your own home-based business.
Landscaping Technology
Learn about plant health, soil, and fertilizers; how to service equipment; how to use shrubs and ground covers; how to create specialty landscaping; even how to start and operate your own landscaping business.
Your program includes key identification and lock mechanisms, residential and business security, panic hardware and electric locks, electronic security, and even how to start your own small business.
Motorcycle Repair
Learn types of engine design, carburetion, electrical systems... as well as how to adjust and repair the frame, wheels, shocks, transmission, valves – everything from routine maintenance to major overhauls.
Pet Grooming Certificate
Your programs include maintenance and care of kennels and crates, pet personalities, handling practices, health care, equipment, and grooming techniques for cats and dogs.
Residential Electrician
Learn the classifications and categories of electricity, conduit fittings, installation, and heating and lighting practices for home, business, and industry.
Small Engine Repair
Acquire the skills to troubleshoot and repair engine components and systems; learn ignition systems and electrical circuits; repair fuel systems; and work with two-stroke, four-stroke, outboard, and riding mower engines.
This program can be your passport to an exciting future. Learn computerized reservation systems, key tourist destinations, tour and vacation packages, even how to start your own travel agency.
Wildlife/Forestry Conservation
Turn your love of the outdoors into a rewarding career. You'll learn wildlife law enforcement and population management, forest ecology and protection, park and recreational facility operation, field equipment, and more.
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