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Occupational Therapy Aide

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Start a satisfying career as an Occupational Therapy Aide. Help people improve their quality of life, return to their jobs, or gain new independence. Even if you have no previous experience, ICS Canada can give you the skills you need to succeed in this rewarding profession.

The Occupational Therapy Aide course was designed with your needs in mind. Like all our courses, it allows you to train for a new career from the comfort of your own home, without attending classes or quitting your job.

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Here are just some of the benefits of the Occupational Therapy Aide Course:

  • All the books you need
  • Study Planner App to customize your study plans and keep track of your progress
  • Toll-free instructional support
  • Access to student services by phone, mail, and on this website, including online examinations and account review
  • Earn your Career Diploma in as little as six months, or take up to two years if you wish

Your complete course includes details on therapeutic treatment, adaptive equipment, workplace health and safety, and much more.

Prospective students should note that requirements for entry level positions as an occupational therapy aide vary from province to province. In light of this fact, ICS urges a prospective student to contact their provincial authority, prior to enrolling, so as to determine the requirements for an entry level position, and how the ICS Occupational Therapy Aide program can help you meet those requirements.

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