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Travel and Tourism

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Learn how to become a Travel Consultant –at home, at your own pace.

This ICS Canada distance learning program can be your passport to an exciting future as a Travel Agent. Train quickly and conveniently, and learn the skills you need to succeed.
You'll learn:

  • How travel consultants use Computerized Reservation Systems
  • The key tourist destinations throughout the world
  • About tour and vacation packages
  • And you'll learn it all at home – no classroom needed!

Request more information today or enrol online and get started on a new career – it's fast and it's easy!

Start a satisfying, moneymaking career in the growing field of travel/tourism.

Why train to become a Travel Consultant with distance learning? With the right credentials, you can:

  • Earn an average hourly rate of $14.16.*
  • Enjoy the perks of a travel career – reduced rates and "working holidays".
  • Work as a travel consultant for an existing agency or start one of your own.

Remember – Travel and tourism are two of the largest businesses in North America. Take advantage of a career that offers opportunities to travel, learn about exotic places, and meet interesting people on a daily basis!

Contact ICS Canada today.
We'll send you FREE information with absolutely no obligation! Find out more about how to become a Travel Consultant with training that includes:

  • All the books you need.
  • Study Planner App to customize your study plans and keep track of your progress.
  • Important career information.
  • Toll-free instructional support.
  • Access to student services by phone, mail, and website.

Get more information today, and in as little as six months from enrolment - you can be a professional Travel Consultant!

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*Information on employment outlook and average hourly earnings is based on “Job Futures – Canada’s National Career and Education Planning Tool,” an electronic publication of Human Resources Development Canada.

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