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ICS Canada offers 50 quality, affordable, online programs designed to help you learn the skills to take the first steps towards a new career.

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"I chose ICS Canada because I wanted to make sure I had opportunities in life. With ICS Canada, I was able to earn my High School diploma and complete the Automotive Mechanic course while working two jobs and only four hours of free time a day. You need to have strong willpower to finish what you started, and there were days I didn’t want to study, but I was able to push myself to complete my courses."
Nick A., ICS Canada High School graduate
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"I have taken three diploma courses with ICS Canada. It has been very rewarding and challenging. I love to increase my knowledge level and share experiences. ICS Canada is great. Enrol! The contact with them is always very pleasant. You feel like a part of the ICS team."
Connie K., Employee Relations Officer graduate
"It’s never too late to do what you want in life, and studying with ICS Canada was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After completing ICS Canada's Travel/Tourism Specialist program I joined Travel Professionals International as an Independent Associate and started my own business from home. My advice to current students is just to keep focused – there's no need to rush through your learning experience."
Doris B., Travel/Tourism Specialist Career Diploma graduate
"I chose to further my education and accounting knowledge with ICS Canada while working as an accounting clerk, which allowed me to move up within the company at which I am currently working. Studying with ICS Canada was a great experience, and the instructors were very helpful when it came to resolving any issues I had while studying."
Sean S., Accounting Certificate graduate