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As a pet parent to a furry (or scaly) friend, your top priority is making sure they’re happy and healthy. But just like a parent to a human child, you worry about everything that might hurt them or might be wrong with them. While a trained and licensed veterinarian is the person you should go to for medical issues and questions, you can keep an eye on your furry family and stay on top of things with the knowledge and skills you can gain in an online program. Check out these flexible ICS courses that can help you help your pet — or even just understand them better!
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You’re busy with work and personal responsibilities, so furthering your education with online classes was an easy choice. But, you’ve never done an online course or it’s been awhile since you’ve been in school. You might be worried that you’re going to be lost. These 7 apps can help new online students like you stay on track and take the next steps toward reaching your goals.
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At ICS Canada, you have instructors, teaching assistants, and our Student Care team to help you through your questions when you’re not quite understanding the tough stuff. We asked one of our instructors, Michael Savich, to tell us why he loves working with students why he thinks ICS Canada is great! Check out his advice here!

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