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Interested in a career that allows you to make a positive impact on the planet and lets you spend time outdoors? Working in the wildlife and forestry field might be the right fit! A job in this industry isn’t limited to being a park ranger; there are several different entry-level careers for those interested in preservation and conservation of nature. Here are four positions you might want to consider!
Person handwriting a letter
If you’ve been relying on your computer or mobile device’s spell check feature to make sure your emails and messages don’t have any glaring typos, you may be missing more than even the best spell check system can cover. Whether you’re a strong writer or someone who’s never had much experience with it, being able to confidently send an email or write an essay with no mistakes at all is almost unlikely, even with technology looking out for you. Proofreading is a skill that can be learned, and here’s why it’s super important.
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Being a mentor, a guide, and a reliable shoulder to lean on is something that many who work in service or hospitality industries are expected to do. Even in other fields, employers look for people who have developed soft skills, which can make them ideal to fill an open position. But it can also be overwhelming or confusing if you aren’t confident in the best ways to address the issues you may be faced with. That’s why counselling skills are beneficial in a variety of industries. Here’s four of them!
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Unless you prefer a phone call, email is the main method of communication when you’re going to school or applying for jobs. But many still treat email casually, which can have a negative impact on how others view your intelligence and abilities. Here are four common email mistakes and what to do to fix them!
chain of keys
If you’re detail-oriented and interested in a career that allows you to solve problems and make use of your skills, have you considered becoming a locksmith and home security technician? With ICS Canada’s updated, online training program you can take the first steps toward a career you love. Here’s how!

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