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Focus Written on a Hand
Without the ability to study online, an enormous amount of people would be missing out on being students altogether. Work, family, hobbies, another job--life makes sticking to someone else’s schedule almost impossible.That is the beauty of learning online at a pace that works for you. But, there’s a catch: flexible education works best with a self-starting attitude to turn good intentions into a certificate, diploma, or degree. Disciplining yourself can be the hardest task of all, because the only person you’re really accountable to is you. Here’s how to get in the studying mood when no one is telling you what to do.
Cabin and Hammock in the woods
Your mind is wandering to the chores you need to get done, the projects you have due at work, the latest episode of your favorite television programme... anything but the terminology you need to remember for your next test. Instead of letting study burnout take control, it’s time to shake up old habits and stale routines with a “study vacation.” Here’s how.
online high school exams
Getting ready to take an exam isn't always so simple - especially when you're an online student. If you are someone who struggles with studying or gets test-taking anxiety, check out this Student Life Blog post for some tips on how to prepare for any exam!

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