Prospective Students

Earn Your High School Diploma Online

For nearly a century, ICS Canada has helped high school students and adult learners further their education and learn the skills they need to work towards their career goals by earning their high school diploma.

ICS Canada’s DEAC-accredited High School Diploma program is affordable, flexible, and supportive for all types of learners, from traditional aged students to adult learners. Learn on your own time at a pace that’s right for you.

An Online High School That Fits Your Needs

  • Complete curriculum: Take 11 courses including English, Geography, Biology and more
  • Payment Plans: Match with your budget
  • Study Plan: Set your pace, adjust anytime
  • Instructional Support: Get help online or by phone when you need it

High school transfer credits

To receive transfer credits, an official transcript from an accredited institution recognized by ICS Canada must be submitted for evaluation. Transfer credits will be awarded for comparable High School subjects where a full credit has been earned. Since High School programs vary, only an evaluation by ICS Canada will determine the actual number of transfer credits to be awarded.