Job and Salary Information

If you are unsure of your ideal career path, you can use a number of factors to help determine what job field might be best for you. Taking a closer look at your hobbies and interests, work you’ve enjoyed doing in the past, or particular skills that you’ve excelled at can all help you narrow your focus when finding the right career path. It is also practical to look at the job outlook of a career field – that is, the rate at which that job will grow, and how many positions are expected to open up in that field over the next few years.

Listed below are occupations expected to experience a high growth rate through 2020. Each career listed includes the projected change in industry employment for the next five years, as well as the average hourly earnings for each career.

Community and social service workers administer and implement a variety of social assistance programs and community services, and assist clients in dealing with personal and social issues. They are employed by social service and government agencies, mental health agencies, group homes, school boards, correctional facilities and other establishments.

Visiting homemakers provide ongoing or short-term home support services for individuals and families during periods of incapacitation, convalescence or family disruption. They are employed by government, non-profit and home care agencies, or are self-employed. Housekeepers perform housekeeping and other home management duties in private households, embassies and other residential establishments.

  • Related programs: Occupational Therapy Aide
  • Projected change in industry employment from 2015-2020: 15%
  • Median hourly earnings: $14.00

Early childhood educators plan and organize activities for preschool and school-age children. Early childhood educator assistants provide care and guidance to preschool children under the supervision of early childhood educators. They are employed in child-care centres, kindergartens, nursery schools, agencies for exceptional children, and other environments where early childhood education services are provided, or they may be self-employed.

  • Related programs: Child Day Care Management
  • Projected change in industry employment from 2015-2020: 9%
  • Median hourly earnings: $17.00

Cooks prepare and cook a wide variety of foods. They are employed in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other health care institutions, central food commissaries, educational institutions and other establishments.

Computer programmers write, modify, integrate and test computer code for microcomputer and mainframe software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software and communications software. Interactive media developers write, modify, integrate and test computer code for Internet applications, computer-based training software, computer games, film, video and other interactive media. They are employed in computer software development firms, information technology consulting firms, and in information technology units throughout the private and public sectors.

  • Related programs: Computer Programming Languages Certificate
  • Projected change in industry employment from 2015-2020: 7%
  • Median hourly earnings: $33.33

Financial auditors examine and analyse the accounting and financial records of individuals and establishments to ensure accuracy and compliance with established accounting standards and procedures. Accountants plan, organise and administer accounting systems for individuals and establishments. They are employed by auditing and accounting firms throughout the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed.

Source: CareerBuilder