ICS Consumer Information

General Information

Name of Institution: ICS Canada

Address: 610-245 Victoria Ave., Westmount QC H3Z 2M6

  • Accredited by the DEAC on February 16, 2009

CEO: Frank F. Britt

Accreditations and Agency Email Contact Information
ICS Canada is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The DEAC is a widely recognized and respected commission with accredited institutions in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

ICS Canada has also secured program specific recognition from:

  • Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accountants
  • Transport Canada
  • Canadian Bookkeepers Association
  • Association of Bridal Consultants
  • Canadian Decorators' Association (CDECA)
  • Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc.
  • Engine Service Association Inc.

Mission & Description

Institution Mission Statement
ICS is one of the oldest and largest distance learning institutions in the world. The school provides courses and services that are designed to meet the life-long learning needs of the adult learner.

The mission of ICS is to empower adult learners to advance or change their careers, learn a new skill, or gain personal satisfaction. The school strives to fulfill this mission by providing breadth and depth of courseware, applicable technology, and a wide array of flexible services aimed at the needs of the adult learner. Courses not only teach current marketplace skills, but also present liberal arts offerings and develop critical thinking, writing, and mathematical abilities. The mission is supported by an admissions policy that allows students with appropriate prior education to enrol in courses without regard to race, religion, gender, age, colour, national origin, or physical disability.

The school assesses fulfillment of its mission and achievement of institutional effectiveness through ongoing studies of student academic success, measurement of student satisfaction, and evaluation of the career outcomes of graduates.

Areas of Special Focus
Allied Health, Trade, Automotive, Natural Health, Business, Technology, and Education.

Courses/Programs: See here.

Success Indicators

Percentage of Students surveyed* who responded –

  • Did the school bring you closer to your career or personal goals: 96% Yes*
  • All things considered, how would you rate the services and school – 86% rated the school at Excellent or Above Average.*
  • Would recommend the school to a friend: 75%**
    *Based on responses received within the past three years.
    **Based on 184 2011 student responses.