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Student Life Blog

man working on electric bike.
You try to maintain a healthy budget that leaves room for any surprise expenses, but the cost of fixing an appliance or taking your car to the mechanic can add up. Learning how to do repairs yourself could save you money and time in the long run! Not sure how to pick up these DIY skills? Here’s how you can get started.
model plane sitting on a globe.
Are you searching for a career that makes you wake up excited to go into work each day? Do you have a passion for travel, learning about the world around you, and helping others make memories that last a lifetime? Then becoming a travel agent may be the career move for you. Here’s why working in the travel industry could be a good fit and how you can get started.
people doing yoga.
When you’re not feeling your best, whether that’s because of stress, lack of sleep, or just a simple cold, you don’t have a lot of energy. If that happens often during the week, your boss might see your work performance take a noticeable hit and you can risk damaging your career. Knowing more about exercise, nutrition, and how your body works is the first step toward getting back on track to feeling like your best self. Here’s how you can work toward a healthy life to build a thriving career.
party supplies on a white surface.
You’re a planner and the go-to whenever a family member or friend wants to throw the best party ever. Ever consider turning that talent into a rewarding career? You can! As an event planner, you’re the life of the party and planning to start a career in the industry can be the dream job you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how ICS Canada can help you take the next steps toward making that dream your reality.
bride and groom on grass
You’ve been dreaming of a job that makes your heart flutter. It seems like a career you can fall deeply in love with is only real in fairytales and you’re ready to just settle for something that is reliable. But before you give up on finding your happily ever after career, have you considered becoming a wedding planner? Here’s why you’ll fall in love with this job.

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