Online High School for Traditional Students

A Flexible Approach to Earning Your Diploma Online

We know that a traditional high school setting isn’t for everyone. With ICS Canada you can earn your high school diploma online, on your own time, and at your own pace. You can receive help from our expert team of instructors and Student CARE team when you need it.

ICS Canada offers a customizable High School program:

  • Complete curriculum: 11 courses including English, Geography, Biology and more
  • Payment Plans: To fit your budget
  • Study Plan: Set your pace, adjust anytime
  • Instructional Support: Get help online or by phone when you need it

Our curriculum and expert instructors provide academic rigor and structure of a traditional school, with a more personalized and flexible approach. Get started on your DEAC-accredited high school diploma today!

The ICS Canada curriculum is suited for:

  • Students with academic or social struggles
  • Students with special needs or health challenges
  • Families that travel frequently
  • Most learning styles