Sharing our favorite study tips

At first, creating new study habits can be a struggle, especially when you’re juggling responsibilities. We’ve been there before, so we get it. We’ve shared some of our favorite tips for online learning below.

Organize, Apply, and Recall the Information

  • Make a drawing, picture, or outline of the material you are studying.
  • Think of ways you could practically apply the new information that you are studying in real-life scenarios.
  • Get together with another student or friend. Go over what you have read or heard and try to explain it to them.

Use Your Study Materials Effectively

Take advantage of the aids provided in many textbooks which highlight key concepts and help summarize the information.. Examples include: chapter summaries, study questions, key words highlighted in bold type, and important concepts that are shaded or highlighted throughout the chapters.

Test Yourself

  • When reading your textbook or other class materials, stop periodically and try to summarize the content in your own words. Check to see if you are correct.
  • Answer the review questions at the end of chapters and/or sections in your textbooks.
  • Write and answer potential test questions. These questions can help you to find the areas you need to focus on when learning the material or when preparing for an assessment.

Concentrate and Focus

  • Focus on what is important. Remember, people can only concentrate on a few items at one time.
  • Become aware of distractions that reduce your concentration. Limit the number of these distractions while studying.
  • Find a good concentration environment either at your home, the library, or another quiet and comfortable place.

Adapted from the work of Claire Ellen Weinstein