Staying motivated with a busy schedule

The freedom to study at your own pace can work with a busy lifestyle, but it also takes motivation. At ICS Canada, we do all we can to help you keep up with your studies while you take care of your family and perform at work. Here are a few useful tips designed to keep you focused on building your future.

Set Goals—Academic, Personal, and Career Goals

  • Set goals that are based on your values, beliefs, and interests
  • Set goals that are specific and measurable
  • Set goals that are challenging yet realistic
  • Give your goals start and completion dates
  • Set both short-term and long-term goals
  • Give yourself rewards for completing certain goals

Believe You Can Succeed…and You Will Succeed

  • Listen to encouragement from other people, especially those whose opinions are valued
  • Don't focus on failures or allow failures to make you afraid of trying again
  • Ignore negative self-criticism and discouragement from others

Recognize Causes for Your Successes and Challenges

  • Attribute academic outcomes to factors over which you have control
  • Don't blame factors over which you have no control
  • Take responsibility for your studying and learning

Adapted from the work of Claire Ellen Weinstein