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Why a High School Diploma is Important to Employers

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So, you’re looking for a new job and scouring online job boards for the perfect position. You’ve likely run into very few, if any, job openings that don’t require applicants to have a high school diploma or an equivalent like the GED. It’s easy to understand why a career in the medical field, which can require very specific education and training, may request that you to have a GED or high school diploma upon applying. But there are other jobs and careers that call for that official piece of paper even when it seems unnecessary or irrelevant to the tasks you’ll be performing. If your education doesn’t have a direct impact on your work performance and the tasks you’re assigned, why does it matter at all? There could be a few reasons!

  • You’re capable. Honestly, “smarts” aren’t always measured best by good grades. A very intelligent person could have average, or below average, scores on a test, but still pass their classes and earn a diploma. They can be quick-witted and have a memory for faces that makes them an excellent people person, but get straight C’s. Most hiring managers realize this and don’t want to see your grades. They want to know you have a High School diploma or GED because it shows you are capable of being consistent, learning, and finishing what you started.
  • You’re responsible. This doesn’t mean if you didn’t have the opportunity to finish high school that you’re irresponsible. Life happens and there’s probably a very good reason you weren’t able to continue your education back then. But someone who’s going through a stack of resumes and applications has a very limited amount of time in which to determine whether or not they should call someone in for an interview. That means they have to be able to pull some kind of snapshot of your personality from what you submitted. Having earned a high school diploma gives them the quick impression that you do what’s required and don’t disregard rules. Whether or not it’s true of your personality, having a high school diploma can give them the impression that you’d probably make a dependable new hire.
  • You’re focused. Whether you finished high school on time as a teenager or a little later as an adult, continuing or completing your education successfully shows that you can focus on a goal. It doesn’t matter when you do it, getting your diploma or GED takes time and effort. If you can stay focused on your goal then, you should be able to do just as well, or better, at your job!

Besides preparing you to feel comfortable and skilled in the workforce, completing a high school diploma at any age is a milestone on the road to opportunity. It doesn’t hurt that those who do have a diploma often end up making more money over time in their careers. If you haven’t had the chance to earn your GED or finishing high school, an accredited online diploma program can work around your schedule and can help you take the next step in your career.

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