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Is Online High School the Right Choice for Me?

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is online high school the right choice

Years ago, a high school diploma wasn’t exactly necessary to find a decently enjoyable, decently paying job. If you had good references and good work history, you were set. These days, many employers won’t even consider a candidate unless they have proof they’ve graduated high school or earned their GED. It isn’t so much that having an official piece of paper is the most important thing; rather, it’s that finishing a course of study shows dedication, responsibility, and drive. But what if you can’t walk back through the doors of your old school to finish your diploma? And what if sitting in class learning information to take the GED is just something you don’t feel comfortable doing?

If you facing any of the challenges listed above, it might be worth your time to consider enrolling in an online or distance education program. Is an online platform the right place for you to finish your schooling? Here are a few things to think about while you’re researching your options!

  • You prefer to learn on your own. This doesn’t mean learning by yourself, with no help from instructors. Rather, it means learning without the distraction of other students in a classroom. Many students---and many adult learners---can feel out of place or unable to focus in a classroom setting. Besides worrying about the work you may be missing at your job or the time you’re missing with your family while sitting in class, students can be distracted from learning by the chatter of others. Sometimes, a student can even be distracted by themselves---being fidgety or uncomfortable sitting still. If this sounds like you, an online program may be a good way to go! You get the chance to learn in your own space, around your own schedule, however makes you most comfortable. And, if you do want social interaction with your peers, many online schools have Facebook or other social media sites where you can interact with other students, as well as faculty and employees.
  • You want to finish on your timeline, not someone else’s. Often, in traditional schools and in adult education courses, students are required to attend scheduled sessions and complete assignments based on the instructor’s prescribed timelines. In online education, most programs and schools offer flexible study. This means that a student is able to study in a way that best suits their learning style. Many students in traditional courses have to go at the pace of those around them and the pace set by the instructor; but what if you’re a faster or slower learner than the class average? You’ll either become ridiculously bored or feel lost and confused. If this sounds like you, you may benefit from a self-paced online program. You can quickly cover the subjects you feel confident in and take your time on the ones that you don’t understand as readily.
  • You’re looking to go right into the workplace. A lot of times, no matter how much practical experience you have in a field, you won’t be hired without a high school diploma or GED. If you’re looking to make sure you keep your job or are applying for a new one, completing your coursework online may be a quicker way to reach your goal. Again, an accredited online course will provide you with the same information you’d receive in a traditional program or GED class. The difference is that you’ll be able to decide when to start, when to study, when to finish to best fit your career goals. Once you complete and pass your coursework, you’re able to have proof of completion pretty quickly. You wouldn’t go into a new job empty-handed!

If you’ve read this and thought “that sounds like me,” an online program is something you want to look into. When researching online High School options, make sure to check for accreditation and even call the school’s admissions team to ask some important questions before you enrol!

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