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Medical Administrative Assistants: The Front Line

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medical administrative assistants front line

Healthcare is an ever expanding field, with opportunity for job growth over the next ten years. But not everyone is comfortable working closely with patients, drawing blood or performing other tests. Becoming a medical administrative assistant can be the perfect solution for the person who wants to work in the field without the usual financial and time commitments required of clinical positions. A medical administrative assistant, sometimes known as a medical secretary, plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of a doctor’s office, so you’ll rarely be bored. But what, exactly, does a medical administrative assistant do?

The “Face” of the Office
You’re the first person a patient often speaks to, whether on the phone scheduling an appointment or checking them in at the office. The patient’s opinion of the doctor’s office can be decided based on your personality when you greet them. It’s important to be personable and welcoming as a medical administrative assistant, as well as organized and knowledgeable. You’ll be responsible for scheduling and confirming appointments, logging patient information, and being compassionate to every patient that walks through the door.

Taking Care of Business
As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll be tasked with a lot of the bookkeeping and record keeping for the office. This can mean keeping organized records of patients billing and medical history, as well as keeping track of invoices, receipts, and paperwork for office expenditures. You’ll also work with insurance companies regularly to process a patient’s claims and requests.

The Front Line
Though patients come to see the doctor, you’re the front line whether you’re working at a doctor’s, dentist’s, or nursing home’s office. You’re responsible for keeping the records and appointment systems neat, but also making sure the patient experience is a good one when they walk through the door. This can mean opening the office in the morning, making coffee, organizing the magazines in the waiting room, and keeping things orderly.

If you’ve been interested in the healthcare field, but don’t want to practice medicine, look into online training as a medical administrative assistant. You’ll learn the basic medical and pharmaceutical terminology, as well as office skills, that will help you to become an indispensable member of any healthcare team!

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