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What Will I Learn in a Small Engine Repair Course?

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small engine repair courses

Small engine repair mechanics maintain and repair a variety of small engines, ignition systems, and fuel systems. If you’ve been considering a career in small engine repair, but have no experience in the field, you’ve probably been searching for a school to learn the trade. Most trade schools, however, require you to take classes in person, which can conflict with your work schedule. These days, there are also many online engine repair courses that you can do in your free time. When looking for the program that will be a perfect fit for you, make sure you’re going to cover these important courses in the curriculum:

Small Engine Parts and Operation
It’s important to know the basic parts and inner workings of an engine before you can begin to repair it. This course will introduce you to small engine terminology and operation theory, as well as covering basic engine components and major engine systems.

Small Engine Lubrication, Cooling, and Ignition Systems
You’ll learn further about engine components, as well as the different lubricants and coolants used in most engines. Electrical theory and terminology, as well as ignition system operation, service, and troubleshooting should also be covered.

Small Engine Electrical and Fuel Systems
Students will learn more in-depth information about the electrical systems of small engines, as well as cover basic circuit theory, DC and AC power sources and repairing those circuits. You’ll also learn about fuels used to power outdoor power equipment and carburetor operation.

Engine Disassembly and Rebuild
Students in a small engine repair course will cover the disassembly of four-stroke and two-stroke engines, as well as rebuilding them. You’ll also discuss using precision instruments, reading service manuals, engine troubleshooting, and replacing worn engine parts.

Servicing Different Types of Small Engines
In a comprehensive repair course, students will cover the different types of small engines and how to maintain and service them. This will cover Lawn and Riding Mowers, as well as Garden Tractors.

Though not a requirement, a program that covers information about the Outdoor Power Equipment certification exams will be immensely helpful. The only way to become OPE certified is through successful completion of the certification exams taken through the Equipment and Engine Training Council.

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