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Online Programs for Active Lifestyles

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Being stuck behind a desk in a sedentary job for forty or more hours a week can seem like torture to people with active lifestyles. Sitting still, attempting to concentrate on the task at hand can be a struggle. But not every satisfying, successful career happens at a desk. If you’re someone who thinks better on the move, you might find yourself happier with a more active career. Check out a few of these online programs for those with active lifestyles; you might find that you’re active hobby can become your fulfilling career!

Sports Nutrition
If you love sports and staying in shape, you know nutrition is an important part of your routine. More than counting calories and eating healthful food, being aware of nutrient needs, hydration, supplement use, and weight management are all vital components to being active. Whether for personal use, helping you to create and manage a regular diet for the best exercise program or to help you toward recertification as a personal trainer, the online sports nutrition certificate offers information any active adult can use!

Fitness and Nutrition
Similar to a sports nutrition course, but offering a broader fitness education intended for the beginner, this certificate course covers the fundamentals of the field. From menu planning to weight-loss strategies and targeted fitness routines, you can take the first step toward a new career or just stay active and knowledgeable on your down time!

Certified Personal Trainer
Looking to take your personal love of health and fitness into a more professional realm? Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer may be the right career step for you! Learn the fundamentals of the personal training field, from healthy menu planning and weight-loss strategies to targeted fitness routines and fitness anatomy and physiology. You’ll also be able to apply your education toward industry certification, taking the National Council on Strength and Fitness exam.

Though certainly not the only options for those looking for a more active work environment, starting with an online program can help you take the first step toward a career you’re passionate about. Even if you’re not looking to merge your personal passions with your work life, becoming more knowledgeable in areas you’re interested in is never a bad thing!

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