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Online Resources for Teacher Aides

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online resources for teacher aides

Being a teacher aide can be a frustrating but rewarding career. You’re able to help young students learn and show them how to have fun learning. But, you’re often left on your own when it comes to planning engaging lessons, putting together educational games, or deciding what would be most beneficial for the students you work with. Check out some of these great online resources for teacher aides for classroom inspiration!

  • Discovery Education is an awesome site for free classroom resources. From lesson plans, to simple worksheets, and even a puzzle generator, most of the materials offered are downloadable and customizable. Even if you don’t want to use what they have, it can be a great place to browse for classroom inspiration.
  • TeacherTube is a safe, fun resource for instructional videos and clips made by other teachers. From math problems to fun facts and teacher made songs, you can use these visual materials to engage students and make a dull subject a little more lively!
  • Crayola for Educators has a plethora of crafts and DIY projects you can make with your class. Not just for arts and crafts, the site also includes information on working with families, assessments for children, and other resources that can take away some of the stress that is normal for an educator.
  • Teachers of Tomorrow is a great space to do research or read articles about the latest trends in education.

Education can be a struggle for even the most well-meaning, enthusiastic educators. There are a plethora of online resources, free and at cost, that can supplement the materials and education you receive from an online teacher aide program.

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