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5 Essential Skilled Trade Professions

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essential skilled trades

There are some professions that are indisputably essential to a community. We can’t get by without the trained, skilled workers who help keep things running smoothly and we don’t all have the passion or time to learn certain skills ourselves. But if you’re looking for a career with great job security, training in a skilled trade is a safe bet! Not sure what direction to take or what skilled field would work for you? Check out these five essential trades below and see what sparks your interest!

  1. Automotive Mechanics. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most of us can’t get anywhere without a working vehicle. This is especially true if you don’t live in a large city with excellent public transportation. When your car breaks down, it can derail your day and it can mean losing out on hours at work, which most of us can’t afford. When there’s a rattle where you think there shouldn’t be or you just can’t get your car to start, a call to your mechanic is the only thing that may save the day.
  2. Small Engine Repair. Some days, you have to get the yard work done. Your property looks like a jungle and you may have lost your small dog somewhere in the forest of tall grass. Time to start up the lawn mower and clear things up! But when you go to get started, the machine isn’t working. The gas tank is full. You don’t know what could be wrong. That’s when you call someone who specializes in small engine repair to take a look at your mower and get things back on track. Like an automotive mechanic, a small engine repair person is essential. You may be able to look up a few tricks of the trade online to troubleshoot some small issues on your own, but in the end, a skilled repair person is going to save you money and help you keep your equipment in shape for longer than the guaranteed warranty.
  3. Aircraft Mechanics. When travelling, you don’t necessarily want to take a thousand mile road trip across the country. Sometimes, you just want to hop on a plane, watch an in flight movie or take a nap, and arrive at your vacation destination well-rested and ready to have fun. Without trained aircraft mechanics, flight could be a lot more stressful and much more of a hassle. An aircraft mechanic, just like an automotive mechanic, will troubleshoot and repair any issues with the vehicle before flight, as well as ensuring all safety precautions are in place and working.
  4. Locksmithing. Locksmiths are, without doubt, life savers! If you’re locked out of your car or you lost your house key, a locksmith is generally the person you’re going to call right away. You need to make extra copies of your keys, change your locks, update your security at home? You’re going to call a locksmith. These skilled professionals are essential to those of us who can’t help dropping their keys down a storm vent every now and then!
  5. Appliance Repair. Large home appliances can be pricey and no one wants to spend more money than they can afford on a new washer or dryer every few years. That’s where Appliance Repair professionals come in! They are skilled in both major and minor repairs on small and large electric appliances, and help keep costs relatively low on the things we rely on to make our lives easier!

There are certainly more than just five essential professions, but those listed here are some that we will always rely on. If you’re looking to break into a new field and learn a trade that will keep you interested, research some online programs that can help you get started!

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