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Career Paths in Tech: Computer Support Technician

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A computer support technician is the hero of office workers everywhere. When a computer crashes, a software issues comes up, or there’s a glitch in the hardware the first thing you do is let out a muffled scream of frustration. The next thing you do is call IT to send someone by to fix your issue. You may not often see the IT department in your office space, but you know they’re there waiting for the call to action—or at least, a call ticket to come in so that they can save important business files. If you’re looking for a career where you feel needed and you want to learn something new everyday, becoming a computer support technician could be the perfect step forward for you. Check out some information on what you can expect in this career if you decide that the fast-paced IT and technology career path is the one for you!

What is a Computer Support Technician?
The most-used definition of a computer support technician would probably be something like “the person who fixes my computer when I spill my coffee on it,” but there’s more to it than that. Generally, a Computer Support Technician is there to fix user error and handle tasks like new hardware updates and software installation. Depending on the size of the company, a computer support technician will work in the IT department for and with other technology experts.

What does a computer support technician do day-to-day?
A lot! Day-to-day, a computer support technician can expect to respond to repair requests, do regular computer and system maintenance, and train inexperienced users on using the software that your company prefers. Working in this field, you may be expected to also take part in regular classes, training, or certification to stay up to date with software, hardware, and different technologies. Depending on the kind of company you work for, its size, and what, if any, specialties you’re interested in, you may have a completely different set of tasks. If you work for a larger company, expect to work with many other IT and computer support techs. The smaller the company, the more responsibilities you may be required to take on. Many computer support technicians work at help lines or help-desks, as well. In this role, you’re mostly working with clients and customers who’ve purchased a product like a printer, for example, who are having issues with the device. You’ll walk them through troubleshooting the device, as well as giving them tips and tricks should they run into the issues. Though you may often find yourself saying “Did you turn it off and on?” on a regular basis, there will be complicated issues to be resolved, too.

How to become a computer support technician.
Since there are quite a few different paths you can take in the field, there are just as many different ways to get there. Overall, though, some sort of post-secondary education is required. For entry-level positions in the field, a relevant computer support technician career diploma can get you started and get your foot in the door. Throughout your career, you’ll more than likely be expected to keep learning and earn certifications. With how often technology changes, make sure you’re adaptable! You should also be interested in problem-solving and figuring out how things work if you decide to start a career in the field.

A position in the technology sector can be quite stable, allowing you to stay with one company for most of your career if you so choose. Our dependence on computers, tablets, and internet is something that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon. If you’re thinking about joining this ever-evolving field, start doing your research by looking for a school that works for you and get started on your future.

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