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Career Paths in Tech: Electronics Technician

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These days, we’re so reliant on technology that there’s very few things you can do without a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other similar device. If you’re not sure what ingredients you need for a new recipe or you need directions to a restaurant you’ve never been to, if you need to fax, print, email…you rely on an electronic device to help you. Because we rely so heavily on our devices, it’s necessary to have trained experts that can fix any problems that might hinder us using them, like lack of electricity or faulty cell towers. That’s where electronics technicians come in!

Essential to the technology industry and its consumers, electronics technician is a career that will only become more necessary the more devices we use to make our lives easier. If you’re interested in playing an essential role in the growth of technology and have sharp mechanical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills, take a look at some information on becoming an electronics technician below and take a step toward your future!

What is an Electronics Technician?
An electronics technician installs, repairs, and is knowledgeable about a variety of electrical equipment and technology. Often working in the telecommunications or utilities industries, they adjust, repair, or install electronic equipment and telecommunications equipment. On a regular day, they can be found inspecting, testing, and maintaining things such as electrical substations for utilities companies, or working on cell towers and other communication devices. Without skilled electronics technicians, our power and phone lines, as well as mobile communications technology like cell phones, wouldn’t work.

Qualities of a Successful Electronics Technician
Electronics technicians are skilled workers and require a few important qualities to be successful in the industry. Because workers use a variety of mechanical and diagnostic tools to install or repair equipment, having technical skills is a must. To be successful in the field, you’d also want to possess physical strength and stamina. Often, the equipment being handled can weigh over fifty pounds and you may find yourself standing or sitting in the same position for a full shift while making repairs. You’ll communicate well with other technicians and clients, as well as be able to identify problems with equipment and decide what repairs need to made. Finally, you need to have good color vision. Workers in the field must be able to identify the color-coded components that are often used in electronic equipment.

How Do I Become an Electronics Technician?
Most electronics technicians need to understand electrical and electronics equipment at a detailed level. Many employers will often prefer and search for applicants who have taken courses in the field at a technical school. Courses usually cover the different types of electronics, circuits, and devices you’d be expected to work with in the field. In addition to education, you can expect to receive equipment specific training when you’re hired on at a new company. Entry level technicians usually begin by working with experienced techs who can provide guidance and knowledge on the job.

Electronics technician is a stable and interesting career in the technology field. Most electronics technicians can expect to earn an average of $55, 920 per year, and can make more if they work in a more highly specialized sector. If you’ve wanted to work in a detailed, hands-on, essential career, consider researching and enrolling into an Electronics Technician course to get started on your career path in the technology field!

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