The Importance of Law Enforcement and Security Professionals
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The Importance of Law Enforcement and Security Professionals

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importance of law enforcement

Though people like to say that “rules were meant to be broken,” most people don’t disregard the rules and laws that are in place. Usually, it’s safe to say that those rules are in place for a reason! However, when we have laws in place, we do need people to enforce and protect them. That’s where law enforcement and security professionals come in! Depending on your situation, you probably don’t find yourself thinking about what law enforcement professionals do on a regular basis. Films boil down this profession to a few action scenes and some courthouse testimonies. Security professionals who work for private companies are also often portrayed in films in such a way that they either seem overzealous or foolish, and you aren’t sure what they actually do outside of guarding doors.

In reality, security and law enforcement professionals are so important to the day-to-day operations of their cities, municipalities, provinces, and companies. Security and law enforcement jobs cover a wide range of skills and positions. Below, check out a few of the things these professionals do and why they make a difference!

Law Enforcement
Depending on your province, you can have a variety of police bureaus in your area. There are provincial, municipal, and even city police that make sure citizens stay safe by making sure the laws are known and people abide by them. Other provinces are policed only by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Whatever the agency, they continuously strive for a better, safer community. Those in law enforcement are experts in criminal law and the Canadian Criminal Code, as well as excellent investigators. Whether they are patrolling or filling out paperwork, these professionals actively make a difference each day.

Most police services in Canada use a community policing approach, which means that the police work with the people and the community to prevent crime and address safety issues. This can include being more visible in the neighbourhood, such as patrolling on foot or bicycles or meeting with neighbourhood residents to listen to their concerns and work together for constructive solutions. Law enforcement are also responsible for keeping the order in public, providing victim services, and doing public education work in the community.

Security Professionals
Security professionals tend to work in the private sector much more than other law enforcement positions. They can be found working for private investigation companies that do background checks on new hires for corporations or working in government agencies and legal departments. As with other law enforcement professionals, those in the security sector are tasked with maintaining the peace and protecting the people in their offices and surrounding areas. They may also run security checks, do research, and revise security policies for companies on an as-needed basis.

The Qualities They Share
Though these are public versus private roles, to be successful at either a candidate must have a few of the same qualities. Those in this field are honest and ethical, dependable, cooperative, compassionate, and persistent. They’re also observant, with a keen attention to detail. Above all, both fields are interested in protecting and serving the community and helping others where they can.

Law enforcement and security professionals are vital in thriving corporations and cities. They keep the peace among others and attempt to prevent crime and violence. The maintain and abide by the laws and rules that make up a successful community, as well as offering a helping hand to those in need. If you’re interested in being involved in your community but want to do more than volunteer, a career in the law enforcement field could be a step in the right direction for you. Research a program such as ICS Canada’s Police Sciences diploma if you are looking for a rewarding and challenging career!

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