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Compassion is Your Passion. Become a Teacher’s Aide.

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Make your day job your dream job

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. You aren’t afraid of hard work, but you’re worried that your time could be better spent helping others who need it. Teaching and explaining are two of your strongest skills. You feel great when you’re able to help someone struggling understand a difficult problems. You have a big heart and want to be able to use that at your job.

Here’s how ICS’s Teacher’s Aide program can help you prepare for a career full of communication, collaboration, and compassion in as little as six months.

Gain knowledge to spread knowledge

If you want to become a teacher’s aide, you first have to learn. It’s not enough to know the information yourself. You’ll have to master the best ways to explain it to someone else. In this occupation, you’ll be tasked with classroom management, student supervision, curriculum content creation, and using education technology. You’ll be working with a students who have diverse sets of skills and knowledge and will need to know how to communicate with all of them.

These skills will continue to develop with on the job training, but you don’t want to walk in the classroom blind. Learning these skills on your own will help you to teach the lessons and overcome language barriers, work with families, and help abused children. As a teacher’s aide, you’ll be assigned to specific students who need extra help and they are counting on you to teach them how to succeed.

To learn how to teach others, you’ll take courses such as

  • How Children Learn. You’ll learn the different ways in which children learn and relationships between learning and language.
  • Technology’s Role in the Classroom. You’ll learn therole of technology in the classroom, different ways computers are used in the schools, interactive technology, the Internet, and the future of technology in schools.
  • Helping Abused Children. This course will teach you the definition of child abuse and how to recognize signs of the various forms of abuse. You’ll also learn how to report it and follow up.

The program is designed to help prepare students for future career opportunities, setting up students for success in school, and overcoming the many challenges you will face in this occupation.

Take the first step toward a compassionate career

With ICS Canada, you’ll learn the essential skills to help you work toward a job as a teacher’s aide in public and private classrooms, corporate and private child care centers, afterschool programs, government agencies, and summer camps.

With a rewarding career awaiting, now is the time to learn how to teach others.

To find out more about how ICS Canada can help you prepare for the career you want, call to speak with our Admissions team at 1.888.427.2400 today!

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