5 Tips to Get into Study Mode & Ace Your Next Exam
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5 Tips to Get into Study Mode & Ace Your Next Exam

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Studying online lets you master your work/life balance

Without the ability to study online with no hard deadlines, an enormous amount of people would be missing out on being students altogether. Work, family, hobbies, another job, life, it makes sticking to someone else’s schedule almost impossible, and who needs it? That is the beauty of learning online at a pace that works for you.

But, there’s a catch: flexible education works best with a self-starting attitude to turn good intentions into a certificate, diploma, or degree. Motivating yourself can be the hardest task of all, because the only person you really answer to is you. Here’s how to get in the studying mood when no one is telling you what to do.

At a lot of schools, you’re expected to be at a certain place, at a certain time or else! As stressful as it sounds, it works at making you accomplish what you need to to complete a class. That’s because you have other people holding you accountable at all times.

You can ensure your success by motivating yourself to prepare for exams and do great things on your own terms.

Here are 5 tips to put you into study mode:

1. Set the stage

Take a little time to turn your surroundings into a study haven. Put up a few motivational images around your home. Daydream a little about where you see yourself in five years, write it out, and hang it near your lazy chair, on the fridge, your bathroom mirror, the ceiling above your bed, anywhere you’ll see it and be reminded of it! Put your study materials in places that are ready to go when you feel inspired to learn. Create a you-only zone, even if it's a small corner. Keep your laptop charged. Make accessing your studies easier for the future you that just “isn’t feelin’ it.”  

2. Music, Music, Music

Can you name a person that doesn’t like music? Probably not, and there’s good reason for that! Music has a strange ability to change our mood. Let that work for you by putting together a playlist that makes you excited about accomplishing something today. Having a hard time putting tunes together yourself? Check them out, jump up and down, dance a little, and get in the studying zone!

3. Surprise Yourself

You can get yourself into study mode by rewarding yourself! Know you’re staying in for the night and have some time to study? Set a few alarms randomly throughout the night. For each alarm you study through, treat yourself to a little something: first alarm a piece of fruit, second alarm for chocolate, last alarm... ten minutes on your favorite social media platform or playing Candy Crush; whatever feels like a break! Knowing those alarms are built into your evening will help you get in the studying spirit, and you can set these way in advance to surprise yourself to study in the future. Keep yourself motivated by making the reward a little extra special based on how long you study for or how far along you get in your program.

4. Shop Online

Sometimes we need a little mental break before we can get to work and it’s fun to shop for ourselves, even if it’s just browsing. You can create wish lists on Amazon.com for little items to treat yourself with only when you reach milestones. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go all out! Google “best gifts on Amazon for under $5” and you’ll be amazed at the fun little things you can find. Knowing you have that cache of goodies waiting for you to make progress can sure come in handy when your study alarms go off!

5. Ask a Friend

Not in the studying mood? Call or text a friend and ask them why you should study. Your friends want to see you do well, and they’ll help you remember all the reasons you wanted to go to school in the first place. Think about how much you’d want your pals to do well! (Making plans with your buddy could also be a great prize as a study reward.) Find friends to check in with on the ICS Canada Facebook Page. And don’t forget, you can be your own best pal: remember that list you made when you set up your study haven about where you see yourself in five years? Read it to yourself, out loud! Listen to your own words, and add a few more good reasons to study on the page as you think of them. Keep your mind on your goal and see where it takes you!

Are you in study mode, yet? You’re doing something good for yourself, so stay positive, reward yourself for a job well done, and build yourself up. Before you know it, the study mode will come to you!

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