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Learn to Be the Best Pet Parent Online

Posted by ICS Canada

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Understand your furry best friend better.

As a pet parent to a furry (or scaly) friend, your top priority is making sure they’re happy and healthy. That means regular visits to the veterinarian, good food, long walks or playtime, and lots of cuddles. But just like a parent to a human child, you worry about everything that might hurt them or might be wrong with them. While a trained and licensed veterinarian is the person you should go to for medical issues and questions, you can keep an eye on your furry family and stay on top of things with knowledge and skills you can gain in an online program. Check out these flexible ICS courses that can help you help your pet — or even understand them better!

Pet Grooming

Have a long haired cat or dog? Are you unsure about the best way to trim their nails without hurting them? Want to help your pets stay cool in hot summer months with regular grooming? The ICS Canada Pet Grooming Career Certificate covers the foundational information that is relevant to those working in the field. Even if you’re not looking to change careers, learning how to properly groom and bathe your pet will have them feeling fancy. Your fur baby will be the best looking pet in the neighborhood!

Bonus: you can complete your pet grooming lessons in as few as two months, all around your own schedule, and save money on expensive groomer fees.

Dog Obedience Trainer

You love your dog but he can be a handful. He doesn’t listen to commands well, he’s hyperactive, and he will bark at anything and everything. It’s frustrating, but with an understanding of how dogs learn and training methods, you can make sure your pet follows the rules the first time. With ICS Canada’s Dog Trainer program, you can learn about different dog breeds and their behaviours, as well as how to best train them according to their personality.

Bonus: Old dogs can learn new tricks, and you can train yours to do fun tricks along with the serious skills they need.

Animal Sciences

You want to know the ins and outs (literally) of what veterinary professionals may know. You like being prepared, and your pet means the world to you so understanding what kind of health issues may arise helps you feel confident in your caregiving skills. With an online Animal Sciences diploma, you can learn anatomy and physiology, proper animal nutrition, around your schedule.

Bonus: The next time you take your best furry friend to the vet, you’ll be able to ask the right questions to clearly understand what’s going on.

Want to take your pet parenting skills to the next level?

With ICS Canada’s online, affordable animal care programs, you can learn what makes your fur baby tick, how you can recognize when it’s time to take them to the vet, and more. You may even find that you love what you’re learning so much, you’ll take the first steps toward pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

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