Why ICS Canada?

  • DEAC Accredited
  • Self-Paced
  • Supportive
  • Low monthly payments

Career Information

ICS Canada can help you take the first step on your career path. There are a lot of opportunities for police science professionals at:

  • Private investigation or security agencies¹
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies²

ICS Canada’s Career Services

Career Cruising

We’ve partnered with the career development expert, Career Cruising, to help Police Sciences students like you do more with the skills that you have. You’ll get more than just job listings and resume tips. As soon as you enrol, you’ll get advice from real career experts, take quizzes to help you make choices, and create a customized profile online to capture your progress. We know that you want more than just a career diploma. Start using our career resources as soon as you enrol, and get a head start on your career. Our career tools include:

  • Lifetime Portfolio. Set up your own career portfolio that displays your skills. Store everything you're working on, including your assessments and resume.
  • Career Snapshots. Access to real-world overviews of careers, insight into the responsibilities asked of you, potential earnings, and a pathway on moving up in certain fields.
  • Employment Guide. This guide can help you prepare for your career, and includes useful tips for job hunting, interview do's and don'ts, and on-the-job success factors.
  • Resume Builder. You don't need to start with a blank sheet of paper. This feature divides your resume into manageable components, and provides helpful guidelines, samples, and suggestions.
  • Local Job Postings. With a comprehensive job database, your next step is to find businesses that are hiring.

Find the career resources that can help you on your journey. Contact us today to learn more about our career services department.

¹ Prospective students should note that completion of this program does not automatically satisfy the admission requirements in a public or private police or security force. Admissions requirements vary from one force to another. Students are advised to check with their public/private security forces to determine what additional training, if any, they will need in order to satisfy admissions requirements.

² Some provinces are policed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). An application for entry to the police services in these provinces is made directly to the RCMP. You can view the RCMP's prerequisites for an applicant here.