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How Facebook Can Help You with Online Education

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Enroling in an online program, whether it’s a high school or college level course, can often feel alienating. While many of your peers may be attending class at traditional schools and going to campus events, you’re at home trying to concentrate on a lesson after working all day. Maybe you’re on the couch, clicking mindlessly through a study guide because you can’t concentrate and you’re feeling unmotivated and just…<i>tired</i>. What do you do? Taking a nap may be the first thought that crosses your mind, but that’s like admitting defeat. If you find yourself scrolling and clicking through paragraph after paragraph without remember anything, try using social media! Though social media pages are often just for fun and entertainment, using Facebook and other social media effectively can help you with your online education and keep you motivated. Here’s how!

  • It keeps you connected. When you’re working on an online program, it can be difficult to feel like you’re really going to school. You have no structure and no set schedule. You’re on your own as far as study planning and exam dates go. Unlike at a traditional school, you may be feeling lost and you don’t have the same sense of pride that those who attend school on a campus do. A remedy for the disconnected feelings (that are 100% normal!) is to find a way to connect. We’re approaching the tail end of 2017 and, these days, social media is an important part of our everyday routines. You connect with friends and family on Facebook; why not your school too? The benefits are innumerable. First, you can be aware of any changes in the school or program that could affect your studies. Second, you can learn about your school and it’s staff through Facebook posts and shared articles. And the third, and best reason, to follow your school on social media is that you’re able to connect and talk with other students, the teachers, and the staff. You may not be sitting in a lecture hall every day, but you can still feel that sense of pride and connection for your school by joining in and participating in online conversation.
  • Digital resources and knowledge. Though your online school will have most of the coursework, resources, and guides you need available on your student page or portal, there are “extras” that could be shared on their social media. For example, an article about writing a professional email might be posted on Facebook or Twitter. That article isn’t going to help you with a math exam, but it will give you insight into what you should do when reaching out to a company you want to work at or a boss. Your online school may also post updates about new program offerings, new resources, and all sorts of information that can be useful to have. Even if you’re not social media savvy, taking the time to scroll through your school’s pages once a week can help you.
  • Friends, study groups, and motivation. By this time, making friends online has become so normalized that it’s nothing new if someone says “oh, yeah, we met on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.” When you’re engaging with people from all over the world with a million zillion different opinions, you’re going to meet and latch on to the ones who share yours. That being said, using these connections and your school’s social media pages can help you be more successful when you’re studying at an online school. Not only can you make new friends, which is a great thing by itself, you can make new study buddies and discover new ways to be motivated. You may meet a person who is in the same program as you, but they live 3,000 miles away. Doesn’t matter, though, because you can connect online and study together through social pages, email, and video chats. The biggest motivation often comes from our friends and family, so being able to share your studies with a diverse group of people who are doing the same thing can be game changing!

If you’re nervous about connecting with strangers on social media, take it slow! Follow one or two of your school’s pages, like our ICS Canada Facebook page, to start reading posts and staying up-to-date. Eventually, you’ll be comfortable enough to start talking and meeting other students!

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