Don’t Stop Learning: An Interview with an ICS Instructor
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Don’t Stop Learning: An Interview with an ICS Instructor

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When you’re considering enrolling in an online program, you may think that you’re completely alone. You don’t have in-person classes or someone making you stick to their schedule, but that also means that there’s no one to help you if you get stuck, right? Not at all! At ICS Canada, you have instructors, teaching assistants, and our Student Care team to help you through your questions when you’re not quite understanding the tough stuff. We asked one of our instructors, Michael Savich, to tell us why he loves working with students and what makes ICS Canada great!

Meet Michael

Michael Savich has been an instructor at ICS for over 24 years. He’s also worked in media content analysis and as a freelance writer before finding a home with ICS Canada. Michael is also a Fellow in the Guild of Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Accountants, so he knows his stuff! He’s also someone who loves reading, movies, jazz, and landscape gardening.

With his years of experience and dedication, he’s got a wealth of advice to share with you. Check out why he loves being an ICS Instructor, and enjoy his wisdom on why an online program might be the best thing for you.

When you’re trying to figure out how to move forward

Q: What advice would you give to a student who is figuring out what life path to take?
A: Above all, try to get into something you like and something you feel comes somewhat natural to you. Research the National Occupational Classification to learn about the different professions and careers. Keep noticing things — you might all-of-a-sudden think: “You know, I’d like to do that!”

This REALLY matters because...
Finding a great job is more than just going after a great salary. You also want to find the work interesting. You should feel excited to go in each day. Concentrate on finding things you like to do and then researching how you can turn those into a career.

When your studies have you stuck

Q: What advice would you give to a student who is struggling to stay on track?
A: Try to break the work into small segments. Don’t try to schedule large blocks of study-time as that can be hard to manage in the midst of other obligations and opportunities for diversion. Instead, try for 20 minutes a day, as this is manageable, won’t lead to fatigue, and, in the course of 5 days, will enable you to accomplish a substantial amount of material!

This REALLY matters because…
Even when you have a goal to finish your program as soon as possible, trying to stuff weeks full of knowledge and work into one day can become stressful and you might find it’s really hard to retain the information. Take a look at your schedule and plan out blocks of study time that work for you and your life. An hour a day is reasonable if you have the time, but don’t try to push yourself to do more than you’re comfortable with. That’s the benefit of flexible, online courses: you can complete them at the speed that works for you.

When you’re looking for an online school to complete your diploma or degree at

Q: What makes an online, self-paced school like ICS Canada stand out?
A: Well, above all else, it’s the students! Their determination to fulfill their goals is what drives the school. We try to offer them a convenient, affordable and beneficial learning experience. I believe that our strength lies in our ability to offer students a way to fit learning into their daily lives rather than require their daily lives to be subservient to learning.

We’re constantly amazed by and proud of our ambitious, determined students.
ICS courses are flexible so you can start working toward your goals around your schedule. Not every student is the same; you all learn at a different pace, in different ways. Being able to complete a diploma, certificate, or degree around your work, life, and family allows you to make time to gain new knowledge and skills that can help you take the first steps toward finding the job you want.

How ICS Canada can fit into your life

Q: Why do you think students should enroll into an ICS program?
A: There is no single reason that I believe takes precedence; however, generally, I would have to say that –if a student feels that distance-education will suit their needs, schedule and objectives—ICS Canada will always strive to create a learning experience to meet their criteria. Let’s be honest here –we do make mistakes—but we try to learn from them and we are always striving to improve. I can say –without reservation—that the staff of ICS Canada are proud of our school, our almost 100 years of continuous operation, and above all, our students! When graduates write and say that we made a positive difference in their lives that, to me, is the reason for ICS Canada.

The staff of ICS Canada are proud of our school and of you!
With over one hundred courses in different fields, ICS Canada has something for everyone. With easy-to-use online lessons, and no exam deadlines, you’re able to make your dreams a reality in a way that works for you. We’re dedicated to our students and inspired by the work you do. Our pride in our students like you ensures that instructors, teaching assistants, and student services representatives are all here for you.

“Don’t stop learning.”

Michael’s last piece of advice is that you shouldn’t stop learning. “You are on a life-long journey; learn to adapt your knowledge to fit opportunities and don’t focus too narrowly on one direction.” Throughout this journey, you’ll pick up knowledge from instructors, other students, coworkers, your family, and even someone you might only speak to once. Get the most out of your education by connecting with the dedicated instructors of ICS, who strive to help you move toward reaching your goals through flexible training programs.

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