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As someone who may be looking to qualify for a promotion at work, or to gain real-world skills you can use to start down a brand new career path, the time it takes to complete a full degree or diploma program is simply something you don’t have. But you DO want to make your career goals a reality as soon as possible. Adding new skills to your resume can help you take the next step toward a career you enjoy — on your schedule. Here’s why going back to school for shorter skills programs can be the right move for you.
blue and white open on shop door.
Becoming your own boss is the dream for many people. Setting your own hours, running the business how you see fit, and being able to make creative decisions without needing approval from others feels amazing. You want to make this dream a reality, but thinking about how to get started is overwhelming. Here’s how ICS Canada’s Managing Your Own Business course can guide you through the process to build skills and confidence that help you prepare to confidently run your business.
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You have the necessary education and experience to be a great candidate for a job, but that won’t stop you from being nervous when you have your interview. You want to make sure you impress the hiring manager and get the job you want, so don’t let nerves derail your confidence. Make sure you’re prepared to tackle any interview with these seven tips.
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No matter how impressive your education or skills, a messy or improperly formatted resume can have hiring managers tossing your application aside without a second glance. You can fix the problem areas if you know what they are! Here are three ways to repair your resume right now.
girl hold card that reads dare to dream
You’re trying to figure out your next step in life and part of that might be deciding what kind of career you really want. Figuring out what you’d like to do isn’t always easy as an adult because the need to support yourself and your family might outweigh the need to follow your dreams. Figure out how to make your dreams fuel your life with these tips.

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