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To become a medical transcriptionist, enrolling and completing an in-depth career program can be the first step toward a job in the field. On-the-job training once you secure a position can help you put the foundational knowledge you learn in school into perspective. Here’s what you should know about medical transcriptionists, from the qualifications you need to get started to the average salary for the job.
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You’re a planner and the go-to whenever a family member or friend wants to throw the best party ever. Ever consider turning that talent into a rewarding career? You can! As an event planner, you’re the life of the party and planning to start a career in the industry can be the dream job you’ve been waiting for. Here’s how ICS Canada can help you take the next steps toward making that dream your reality.
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When you’ve got a schedule jam-packed with work, family responsibilities, and dealing with everyday life, using any free time to pursue a hobby seems like a waste. While it’s true that finding balance in your life may include sacrificing the non-urgent stuff, a hobby doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, getting creative and learning new crafts can have a positive impact on your personal and work life! Here’s how.
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You are at work for at least eight hours on a slow day. A lot of that time, you wonder if this is really the best way you could be spending your life. You have a lot of compassion and often think about how you could be doing more to help others. Patience is one of your best qualities and you love explaining things to others. If you’ve ever considered becoming a teacher’s aide, here’s why you should make the jump and work toward a career working with children.
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Working hands-on with animals doesn’t necessarily require a clinical setting. In fact, there’s an avenue you can take to make some furry friends and mix in your creativity and personal style...all on your own schedule. Sound too good to be true? That might be because you haven’t truly considered all the benefits of becoming a pet groomer! Check out the perks of the job to see if you’ve found your career match.

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