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girl listening to music with headphones.
When you’re learning online, plugging in your favorite playlist seems like the perfect way to keep yourself awake and focused, but not all music will do the trick at study time. Here are some tunes can help you get into the mood for a serious study session.
Woman sitting at a table eating dinner
What if there was a way to have inexpensive meals at-the-ready so you could get more out of your day and focus on your studies? We’ve planned ahead so you don’t have to. Here are seven recipes, one for each day of the week, to help you get solid nutrition for little money in a small amount of time.
Working together
As an online learner, you’re a pro at keeping yourself motivated. Your independence is one of the best things about you, but with some support from your friends, family, teachers, and coworkers, your ability to succeed can skyrocket!
prepare for online learning
People procrastinate for a variety of reasons - stress, lack of motivation, to create a sense of urgency - but generally speaking, people would rather not procrastinate. Here are a few realistic tips ways to stop procrastinating to get your to-do list back on track!

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