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girl reading by a pond.
You’re not like anyone else in the world — everyone has a different perspective and different learning needs. A cookie-cutter education doesn’t work for everyone and that’s okay! Here’s how you can do high school your way with ICS Canada’s online diploma program.
graduate in cap and gown.
You may not have had a chance to finish your high school diploma when you were younger. Now, you’re debating whether you should go back and finish your studies or keep on doing what you have done for the last few years. But there are several benefits of earning your diploma, no matter how long you’ve been out of school.
college in canada
If you’ve been thinking about finishing up your high school education with ICS Canada’s online, flexible program, you may have worried about not being able to attend a college program afterward. But, did you know that many Canadian colleges and universities have something called a “Mature Student Policy”? Here’s what you need to know about how the policy works and what it means for your education goals!
Teenager studying in bed
You’ve made the decision to homeschool your child and want to make sure you’re setting them up for success. Here are our tips to help them succeed in an at-home learning environment so they can have a great high school experience.
online high school exams
Getting ready to take an exam isn't always so simple - especially when you're an online student. If you are someone who struggles with studying or gets test-taking anxiety, check out this Student Life Blog post for some tips on how to prepare for any exam!

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