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To become a medical transcriptionist, enrolling and completing an in-depth career program can be the first step toward a job in the field. On-the-job training once you secure a position can help you put the foundational knowledge you learn in school into perspective. Here’s what you should know about medical transcriptionists, from the qualifications you need to get started to the average salary for the job.
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You know you want to start a career that allows you to work with people, from providing excellent customer service to being an engaging leader to employees you manage. You love working in a fast-paced field that offers new challenges each shift, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a productive day is one of your favorite things. Becoming a hotel and restaurant manager may be the field for you.
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You may not have had a chance to finish your high school diploma when you were younger. Now, you’re debating whether you should go back and finish your studies or keep on doing what you have done for the last few years. But there are several benefits of earning your diploma, no matter how long you’ve been out of school.
You’re ready to start your own business, or you’re hoping to grow your customer base and you know that getting noticed is going to make a big impact. While there are marketing and public relations professionals you can hire to give your social media and internet presence a boost, when you’re running a small business of your own, every penny you save counts. That’s where learning some public relations fundamentals can help you sell your brand, your product, and build a steady following for your business.
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Unless you prefer a phone call, email is the main method of communication when you’re going to school or applying for jobs. But many still treat email casually, which can have a negative impact on how others view your intelligence and abilities. Here are four common email mistakes and what to do to fix them!

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